64+ Funny Banana Captions (Copy Paste)

Funny Banana Captions for Instagram and Aesthetic Banana Instagram Captions For Girls and Boys (Copy-Paste).

Banana Captions

I’m getting the peels of summer!

My favorite kind of healthy circle.

Team banana republic all the way.

Yellow sweetness can be so addicting.

Banana day can be every day.

My favorite source of potassium.

It’s A Banana Bread Day

Wake Up To Good Health

Quality Banana Bread For A Healthy Slice of Life

Start Your Day In A Healthy Way

Banana Bread From the Heart

Straight Out Of the Oven

Banana Bread Baked With Passion

Banana Bread – It Does A Body Good

Loaves of Love

Share Your Bread Today

Banana Bread Paradise

Baked Fresh, Baked For Everyone

Discover A Healthier Slice of Life

Your Kind of Banana Bread

Just Real Honest Bread

Hot, Tasty and Fresh Banana Bread

Made With Art of Baking

Gotta Love Banana Bread

What banana dessert should I prepare next?

I wonder what’s the skincare of this banana peel.

If I was a banana, I’d be organic and fresh.

If you want to climb your way to my heart, peel me a banana.

If I was a pirate, I’d explore the sea on a banana boat.

“I always have bananas with me for energy.”

“If you can’t think because you can’t chew, try a banana.”

“To be honest, I think bananas are a pathetic fruit.”

We boat know bananas are fun!

I’d rather float on a banana boat than fly in the sky.

Why did the banana fail his driving test? He kept PEELING out!

Why didn’t the banana cross the road? Because it can’t walk

I took an oath to a banana boat that I will ride it forever.

Sometimes, the best memories are made on a banana boat.


Banana Split Captions

I like bananas, how a-boat you?

Sea me ride a banana boat!

My dad is hella rich, he boat me a banana from the sea.

Bananas like summer so much that they always undress themselves.

Bananas must be queer. They’re not straight.

Anyone would fall for Banana. She got the peels!

Only bananas have a heart for me.

Do bananas ever peel sadness?

Bananas: my favorite yellow fruit.

“The older you get, the better you get. Unless you’re a banana.”

When life throws you lemons, go bananas!

There’s always money in the banana stand.

A banana a day can keep the doctor away!

A banana always wants you to stay happy.

Happiness is eating a banana.

Some fall for banana and some fall because of banana.

Let’s never split.

Congrats! Let’s go bananas!

“Life is full of banana skins. You slip, you carry on.”

Better Living Through Banana Split

Don’t Live A Little, Live Banana Split

It’s A Banana Split Adventure

It Must Be Banana Split

I Go Bananas For Fruits

How Awesome! How Banana Split!

Have Your Banana Split Your Way

Where’s The Banana Split?

Make Room For The Banana Split

We All Adore A Banana Split

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Banana Split

Hungry? Why Wait? Get A Banana Split

I’m Only Here For The Banana Split

Banana Split – It Does A Body Good

Stop. Go. Banana Split.

The Healthy Banana That Refreshes

My Goodness! My Banana!

My Doctor Says ‘Banana’

Did Someone Say Healthy Banana?

Eat, Sleep And Banana It Up

Choosy Mothers Choose Healthy Bananas

Eat Fruits Plenty, Keep Body Wealthy

More Than Just A Banana

Banana, The Problem Solver

You’re In Good Hands With Banana

Start Your Day The Banana Way

Eat Healthy, Enjoy Bananas

We’re making our entryway way more serene

Half the price double the taste and enjoyment #dessert

Just call me banana man—I don’t peel for nobody.

Scooping happiness #dessert

Our classic banana flavored snack. Put a banana in your pants!

Don’t let one bad apple make you think everyone is going to be bananas.

I always have my feet on a banana peel because I keep falling for its goodness.

“I am going bananas!” That’s what I say to my bananas before I leave the house.

Mistakes and failures are part of life; keep going.

Why don’t bananas ever get lonely? They always hang around in bunches!

What do bananas say when they answer the phone? “Yellow?”

Why did the banana go out with the prune? Because he couldn’t find a date.

What is the easiest way to make a banana split? Cut it in half.

You cannot taste me, until you undress me. Sincerely, Banana.

Strong people don’t get affected by the opinions of the weak.

“No fruit dies so vile and offensive a death as the banana.”

“Donkey Kong, defender of the world’s largest banana horde.”

Your lies are like bananas. They come in big yellow bunches.

If a crocodile makes shoes, what does a banana make? Slippers!

Focus on the banana when eating it.

What do you call solid gold bananas? A bunch of money.

What’s yellow and goes 30 miles per hour? A banana in a washing machine.

What do you do when you see a blue banana? Try to cheer it up.

Bananas are better than cars and basketball.

For an indulgent breakfast, try our Criossant with a banana in a crazy delicious combo of banana and Nutella .

Nothing says comfort like home-baked banana bread served with a fresh cup of tea.

#bananabread #bananas #cookiesandcream

Enjoy an unfathomable experience #bananalove

Find your bliss in every season. All you need is a slice of nature.

I’m just not the same without you.

Due to high fever, peeling little unwell.

Happiness in every plate #comboicecream

The real-life cool adventure #comboicecream

The only thing better than bananas? Banana desserts.

I haven’t drank a beverage that doesn’t go with banana bread.


Short Banana Captions

The scoop of goodness and delight #heavenonearth

Real friends text your texts, not banana emojis.

You’re either not ripe, or you’re overripe.

She is one of the fine bananas as compared to others.

It is like a dream comes true #comboicecream

A little #bananaleg makes all the difference.

Banana split always outshines the rest #bananalove

It’s not just a fruit… It’s Banana. Banana.

Nothing beats a cold banana smoothie on a hot summer day #bananasarebetter

We are genetically very similar to bananas.

If you love bananas and banana bread, you’re collecting these little lovelies before the sweetest season comes to an end.

It’s National Banana Bread Day. We’re making a batch the old-fashioned way: with a fork. #NationalBananaBreadDay #ThatsHowWeRoll

Life is full of fun frolic and banana #bananalove

An aura of fragrant summer vibes.

Rainbow in every scoop #dessert

Life is sweet when it’s bathed in the golden yellow glow of a banana.

Life should be lived to the fullest—like a banana. Instagram Captions!

Peel off quickly from the remaining parts of the car.

She is quite peal-ing in front of others.

You have less time to peel this big decision.

I need to make a final peal to the court.

She is one of the fine bananas as compared to others.

There are bunch of stupids here in the class.

Get ready! We’re going to the Banana.

Banana is home joy and gifts for kids.

Let me peel this moment!

Look, peel and attract!

Due to high fever, peeling little unwell.

I peel nervous at the time of interview.

Life’s a banana. You peel it, you eat it.

A ripe banana for premium taste.

A good banana is an excellent source of potassium… And when you slip it on, it’s a sweet treat for your lips.

We’re not saying that bananas are better than chocolate, but you’ll find yourself tapping into your inner Popeye.

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When you need a healthy snack that’s also delicious, there’s nothing better than a banana.

What’s better than a banana 🍌 filled with creamy peanut butter? A banana 🍌 in the hands of a person wearing soft, breathable silk.

The perfect start to a busy day. Banana, almond butter and flaxseed on a multigrain bagel.

Summer tropical breeze, and fall wonderland.

It’s fruitfully indulgent to treat yourself to this over-the-top delight.

Rediscover the freshness of summer and savor the taste of a warm Mediterranean breeze.

It’s the little things that leave a lasting impression.

For your next vacation, stay at the only place that has everything you need to ensure you feel special: your home.

 Why do bananas have to wear sunscreen?

Bananas go out in a yellow submarine.

Beethoven’s favorite fruit is Banana..na.

Snapping a picture of your ripe, fresh banana for Instagram is easy.

But this is the only banana you’ll get, so savor it. Remember: You’ve never had better bananas, ’til now.

Bananas are packed with potassium, dietary fiber and vitamin C.

They taste great and are a good source of energy.

Treat yourself with a delicious and healthy breakfast by adding Bananas to your diet plan.


Funny Banana Captions

They say bananas are a healthier substitute for chips.

Bananas are the ultimate nutrient-dense, low sugar fruit that is satisfying and delicious.

Plus they’re the perfect size to fit in your hand ☀️

Bananas: nature’s original energy bar.

We’re all about good hair days. Which is why we’ve partnered with the experts at Harry

Josh Pro Tools to create this limited edition banana holder.

The only thing more satisfying than a perfectly ripe banana is a perfectly ripe banana in a perfectly tailored suit.

One step in ripe direction has a power to make your situations better.

She is the ripe one for you.

You’re ripe; I should go for it.

To raise the voice, ripe first.

Don’t be ashamed to shout for ripe things.

My mother is ripe. She already discussed about it.

Cavendish since ages!

If you want to look great. You must Cavendish nature.

Although, I’m not trained enough, still, I’m Cavendish shot.

Choose what is ripe for your loved ones!

Alredy Cavendish plenty of time to understand this subject. But, all go in vain.

I’m Cavendish book to you. Please read it for the better future.

I already Cavendish gift to my friend on his last birthday.

The answer of the question is Cavendish in the first chapter.

I’m planning to make my mind fresh with Cavendish.

Let’s split the profit in an equal ratio.

Hey lady! That gold ring looks ravishing on your finger.

Bananas couldn’t yell up as it could only be YELLOW.

Bananas learn in Sundae school only.

Monkey loves Banana because of appeal.

No need to yellow over kids for the games. As games makes them durable.

I think Banana cake will be the best for today’s party.

Without Banana style you can’t enter in the office.

High Banana value may attracts kidney injury.

Spilt yourself with this hardcore laughter!

Bananas don’t snore because they don’t want to disturb another bunch.

Bananas are covered with sunscreen as they peel.

A banana smoothie that quite famous among all the girls!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a banana a day keeps the whole world happy.

Life’s an adventure, enjoy it with fruit

Fruit is nature’s candy…and these luxury dried fruits are pretty sweet.

She was very particular about her fruit.

Nothing beats the taste of summertime 🍌 you can find at your local grocery stores.

I’m just not the same without you.

Gather round, my friends, and let me tell you the tale of the first chocolate chip cookie I ever baked.

Put yourself out there because the best things in life always come to those who reach.

Sculpted to be hugged, not crushed, reenact an ancient Greek ideal of beauty with soft, seamless banana fruit.

It’s not easy being banana-shaped, but we strive to make your banana life as stress free and luxurious as possible.

Life’s a little less sweet without bananas.


Banana Puns

Me: I’ll have a medium coffee. Waitress: Can I just get you a banana? Me: Huh? Oh….

Al Gore-illa prefer bananas

A key called ‘MONKEY’ unlock a banana.

Banana and ice cream spilt with each other. That’s because they cancel the order.

Do you know what points north in yellow? That’s a magnetic banana.

Sheeps loves Baaaaa-nanas.

Banana greet each other by saying ‘Yellow, So nice to see you here’.

While Tour de France, Banana was enjoying over peel-oton.

Due to sweetness, Banana is quite famous in Valentines.

Banana Republic is the cloth store for bananas.

Jokes bananas do exchange with each other are Side-splitting ones.

With blue Banana, you should cheer it up.

Banana used to go with a prune because he couldn’t find a date.

Monkey get down by banana-ster from the stairs.

Bananas never feel lonely as they live with its bunches.

Banana skins- a pair to slip off.

If you love bananas, you’ll love our best-selling Banana Boat

Banana, For A Better Body And Mind

Feel Good Inside Out, Eat Banana

The Future’s Bright. The Future’s Banana.

Banana Split Makes Everything Better

If You Want To Get Ahead, Get A Banana Split

Got A Banana Split? You’re In Luck

The Future’s Bright. The Future’s Banana Split

Discover the Banana Split Goodness

Only Banana Split Has The Answer

With A Name Like Banana Split, It Has To Be Good

Run For The Banana Split

Race For Banana Split

I’d Walk A Mile For A Banana Split

It’s the Good One, It’s The Right One, That’s Banana Split

It’s Banana Split O’clock

There’s More Than One Way To Eat a Banana

The Banana Split That Smiles Back

My Goodness! My Banana Split!

It’s time to treat yourself.

Give me more #heavenonearth

It is more than ice cream #heavenonearth

Scoop you will relish always #heavenonearth

I never knew yellow could be so acidic. #bananas

Boundless excitement #dessert

#BananaLandia #WorldsMostPerfectFood

“Goals are like bananas, they come in bunches.”

“If you can’t think because you can’t chew, try a banana.”

“Anything can happen. The great banana peel of existence is always on the floor somewhere.”

Bananas are like boomerangs. I’d keep coming back for it.

One banana a day keeps my endorphins awake.

The banana is the eyes of a hungry person.

Let’s live life–one banana at a time.

Life is more a-peel-ing with bananas.

“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.”

If I was an ice cream, I’d like to be cradled in a banana split.

Be younger and have fun with banana split #dessert

You’ve got to be a banana to do this.

In paradise, we eat the best fruit of the earth.

It’s bananas how much we love you.

Heaven on earth in a scoop #heavenonearth

My bed is starting to look like banana bread after a tiring day.

“Any ape can reach for a banana, but only humans can reach for the stars.”

I woke up to the aroma of banana bread this morning and I never felt happier.

Peel your sadness away with a cup of a banana sundae!

We’re baa-back! They’ve also brought back their famous Banana Bacon Sandwich.


Delicious Banana Captions


Banana. Ever.

Golden scoop with the golden spoon #comboicecream

I’m just one Banana that put a smile on your face . . . . . . . and a banana in your pie.

The blend of banana and ice cream is phenomenal!

My happiness lies in between a banana split.

You. Me. Let’s split the bill for a banana split.

Spill the tea or split the banana, baby!

You’ll always be a part of my banana split.

I’m only one banana split away from you.

Better Living Through Banana

Banana Makes Everything Better

It’s Banana O’clock

Never Too Early For Bananas

Banana – It Does A Body Good

Welcome to Banana Heaven

My day is made with banana split #bananalove

Summer tropical breeze, and fall wonderland.

“Never interrupt me when I’m eating a banana.”

The classic banana species, Gros Michel, was sweeter

We’re Serious About Bananas

Think Once, Think Twice, Think Bananas

Recommended by Dr. Banana

The Right Banana At the Right Time

It’s A New Banana Every Day

We Bring The Good Banana To Life

Exceedingly Good Banana

There’s More Than One Way To Eat a Banana

Oh! It’s A Banana Adventure

My Goodness! My Banana!

The Banana That Smiles Back

Get Back Your ‘Ooo’ With Banana

Run For The Banana

Got Banana?

All Banana, All The Time

The Best Banana A Man Can Get

Leggo My Banana!

Race for the Banana

You’re In Good Hands With Banana

Make Someone Happy With A Banana

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Banana

Break Me Off a Piece of That Banana

You Deserve A Banana Today

Give That Man A Banana

Did Somebody Say Banana?

More Than Just A Banana

Life Should Taste As Good As Banana

A banana a day keeps the doctor at bay.

You can’t have bread without smashing a banana in it.

My tongue’s bed is a banana bread.

I like my bread melting on my tongue with bananas.

I can’t stop dreaming about banana bread at night.