87+ Happy 2nd Birthday Captions (Copy Paste)

Happy 2nd Birthday Captions for Instagram and Aesthetic 2nd Birthday Instagram Captions For Baby Girl and Baby Boy (Copy-Paste).

Happy 2nd Birthday Captions

2nd Birthday Instagram Captions

Hope you have the happiest 2nd birthday. 🎂

Happy 2nd Birthday to the best kid in the world! Go Hawks! 🏈

The best days are the ones spent together. Thanks for being there from our very first party to today. Here’s too many more. 🎁 #birthdaygirl


#🎂• our 2nd birthday

Celebrating two years of dedication and growth with our dear customers! Let’s keep doing this!

Happy 2nd Birthday to the absolute best baby #mymistersuperman

Happy 2nd birthday, Bello Collective! Thank you for showcasing all the people and places we love 💙.

Wish you a happy #secondbirthday. May this year be even sweeter than the last. We love you 🍰👑

It’s our 2nd birthday today! What started as an idea became everything. Thank you for the memories… 🍵

🌼🍂🎀👶🏻❤️☕️#iloveyou #happybirthdaymonth #2years #bump 😘#babygirl 👶

Up to bat for her 2nd birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Rosie 🎂🍰”

🎈🍰🍴 Happy 2nd Birthday baby Tia!

Celebrating our 2nd birthday 🎂🎈 and all the big moments to come!

👑🎂Happy 2nd birthday to the sweetest little peanut we know.

Every time we look at you, we can’t help smiling. That’s why everyone loves a #babygirl… and you are no exception 😉 😎

💕 Our baby girl with her teddy 🐻. We have to remember that she still can be a baby 😄* *

Being two is oh so sweet—with baby giggles, new feelings, and more favorites every day. Congrats baby girl, Daddy, and Mommy love you! 💗

My “little” baby is TWO today! I still remember the day she came into this world…The nurse pinned her little beanie cap on top of her teeny head & as she looked up at me I was filled with so much love.

Hey birthday girl, I hope you get everything you wish for and more 😌🎈

Happy 2nd birthday, baby girl. We just got you some sprinkles 🍰 and you smell like roses 🌹. Happy Friday.

Happy 2nd Birthday to our darling baby girl. They say the second year is the hardest–but we know she’ll find her own way. Because she’s always so happy. #sweetheart #childoftheyear##

🎂Happy 2nd Birthday to our little 🐇! We sure love you bunches and lots. Hope you’re having a great day. 🐰🍪

Elevenses cupcakes for Mabel’s 2nd birthday 🎂 #birthdaygirl



Oh my, how time flies. Tick tock tick tock! We’re celebrating our sweet girl as she turns 2 today. 😍

Can’t believe our little one is two years old already. 🎂

Happy birthday to my niece Nadia, who is definitely turning 2 and not 1. 🎂 #niece2ndbirthday

You have been our joy for the past 2 years and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do next. #HappyBirthdayNiece

Happy 2nd birthday to my favorite little munchkin 🥰 #myniece #2yearsyoung

Announcing the official arrival of my niece, Avery! Happy 2nd birthday to my beautiful new niece. Love you, Avery ❤️😘

My niece turned 2 yesterday. I can’t believe how grown up she looks. She started walking before she turned 1, and now she’s talking in full sentences! She’s growing faster than her Great-Grandma


My favorite cousins 💕❤️

Today, and every day, we celebrate your spirit. #2YearsYoung

Throwback to my little niece’s second birthday with her new fishy friend 🐠

Happy 2nd birthday, sis! We Luv ya so much.

It’s hard to believe that you’re 2 years old already! Happy Birthday, my sweet niece! I love you very much! We all do. I hope your day is filled with tons of fun celebrating this special day with all

Henry James said, “The deepest emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science.” Happy Birthday to our 2nd niece.

Happy Birthday, sweet guy! Thankful for all the joy and laughter we’ve had this year. 😘😍🎂

Once a year wonder. Happy birthday, son! We’re so grateful that you’re two already.

Love and kisses, Mom.

🎈🎊❣️ My darling son is 2 years old and I’m loving every minute of it! 💙Happy birthday, dearest.

Happy birthday, my sweet baby. We love you more than anything in the world. 🎈🐒

Happiest 2nd birthday to the most epic little angel I know. I love you more than all the stars in the sky!

I can’t believe she’s two already, it seems like yesterday he was here and now time is really flying past. I love you my baby, happy birthday darling!!!

Happy 2nd birthday to the most gracious and well-adjusted child on all of the earth.

Here’s to many more days and adventures spent with you, my little best friend! ❤️

Hey little girl, two is better than one. Happy 2nd birthday to you little princess.

Celebrating my daughter’s 2nd birthday. 🎂 Little babies grow up so fast. But the memories of their precious smiles and hugs last forever. It’s hard to believe you’re already 2 years old.

Today we celebrate little Hadley. He’s a full year wiser, but I like to think he’s a little cuter too. Happy birthday 🎂

The one and the only reason why I am still sane in this insane world is because I get to see your cute face every day. Happy 2nd birthday my mushy baby boy!

Happy 2nd birthday baby bro. you put the love in my life! Love you, my cutie pie.

Happy Birthday to my little Prince 👸🏻 🎂I hope you have a wonderful day! Love you to the moon and back.

Jumping for joy because to me, every day is like a celebration. Another year with my handsome brother 💕 ❤️Happy birthday, handsome.


2nd Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Mom

I will always remember your smile, laugh, and those squishy cheeks. Happy, happy birthday to my favorite little bro in the world. 💗🎂👑 #🎂👑

Hey my little boy, thank you so much for making my life the most blessed or better say, the luckiest family in the world. May you have an unforgettable 2nd birthday celebration!

In the last 2 years, you make me realize that life is not so tough. All we need is childlike innocence like you have to experience the miracle named ‘life’.

Happy 2nd birthday to my wonderful boy!

Happy 2nd Birthday to the most beautiful baby in the world. You are sweet and smart, and kind, and hilarious. I love you SO much! ❤️

A few months ago, Skyler was only able to hold her head; today, she rolls over both ways & grasps toys. All around, she’s my best bud 😍. Happy 2nd birthday Sky! #tistheseason

Happy 2nd birthday, my precious little girl! 🥰 I love you to the moon and back.

My little human, turning 2 years old today, I’m so happy. Join me in celebrating this little angel.😊

Happy birthday, darling. I couldn’t be more amazed that you are already two. Someday very soon I’ll get to see you as a teenager, all grown up! 💕🎂.

Happy Birthday to my amazing sister. You are my dream come true! Heart you big.

Happy birthday to my baby girl. I’m happy that you’re part of my life. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings for us together!

Last year she opened a gift of socks, and I remember thinking: “I wonder what she’ll do this year…” The answer: Blow out lots of candles & make me take a million photos. To my amazing niece,

Sending love from above on your special day today. Happy birthday, Tiny.

#niecebirthday #happybirthday

Sometimes it takes a pair of blue eyes to remind you how truly beautiful you are…Dow💙W😇 💝boom 🍼

This little lady is celebrating her biiiiirthday 🎁

Here’s a hint: get ready for lots of glitter and rainbows 😜 #AnotherYear #CherryOnTop

2nd Birthday of my precious nephew. #2 #Uncle #together #party #family #fun

Wishing a nephew we love so much a very happy 2nd birthday. We’re lucky to have you in our family. (And don’t forget to blow out your candles!)

Shout out to the best little bro in the world for celebrating his 2nd bday.

There’s nothing sweeter on a grandparent’s cheek than a kiss from a two-year-old girl.

You can melt hearts with your adorable two-year-old smile.

What a joy it was to celebrate my precious niece’s 2nd birthday! Enjoy the entire day of your birthday with chocolate and kisses.

How did you get so smart in only two years?

Stay sweet as you grow into your new age!

You aren’t just two. You are too cute, too sweet, and too fun!

Have a spectacular 2nd birthday to my cute baby. Your smile brings soothes to my tired soul and your laughter brings tickles to my spine. I love you so much little boy/girl!

It’s so daunting to take care of super-energetic 2 year old little runt like you. But cute absurd things you do are worth cherishing. Happy 2nd birthday to the most notorious baby boy in the world!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my gorgeous niece—so glad I get to celebrate another year of your day with you. 😍😘.

It’s her special day and I can’t wait to celebrate along with her special day. Happy birthday to my niece!

Happy birthday to my baby girl Vivianne! Two years old already?! Time flies so fast. My little pumpkin is so cute. 🎂🍰

You are just a 2 year old boy but the pace at which you learn new things is simply astonishing. Very happy 2nd birthday to the child prodigy.

Cute is an understatement. You are stinking cute!

I’m so glad that you are my nephew and my friend. happy birthday, you complete our family. love you very much…


Funny 2nd Birthday Captions

Happy Birthday to the best dog 😎#dogsofinstagram #labrador #beagle

Cheers to our first two years together—I’m so grateful for you and your little stinky self.

The best is yet to come #puppylove ##

🐶🎉👯‍♀️How old are you again? Dog years must be crazy!

*screeches on knees* Oh MY GOSH!!! You’re really 2 now?! Already? I don’t know

where the time has gone. Here’s to many more years of birthdays together! Can you believe

Wishing you a 2nd birthday full of joy and happiness! You are literally the sweetest thing that has happened in our life. We love you so much, baby!

We’re wishing a very happy 2nd

birthday to our wonderful little boy

today. May you continue to grow up

happy, healthy, and kind.

Your birth bought the heaps of good news and luck to our family. You are the harbinger of god for us. I wish you a happy 2nd birthday my baby girl!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my big nephew. You’re super-sized now—you’re even a little taller than last year! ☺️ #first2years.

So glad to celebrate the 2nd birthday of my gorgeous nephew today! 🎂 Happy birthday, darling.

It’s hard to believe that this little guy is already 2 years old. I can’t wait to see what he does with his life and help make it a special one. Happy birthday.

It’s her 2nd bday today and I can’t think of anyone more beautiful or brilliant in the whole wide world. Happy birthday, dearest. #materpiece.

Can’t believe it’s already been 24 months since you started your new journey together.

Happy 2nd Birthday to my little miracle and another year wiser, stronger, and more prepared nephew.👶 💛

Your 24 months of existence has given us the immense happiness of a lifetime. You look more like a little tweety bird. Happy 2nd birthday my little love!

You have a very sweet and special
soul, and we couldn’t be prouder of
the stunning kid you’re becoming.

A very happy 2nd birthday to the cutest and most cheerful of our family. May your future be as bright as the sun.

To our dog—who, as June would say, is down for whatever adventures may come our way. ✌️😊

Happy Birthday to my auntie Amelia 🎂 We love you so much and hope that every year gets better and better. Can’t wait to celebrate your big 2 with you next year! 😎

I still can’t believe that it’s been two years since you were born into this world. May God bless you with good health, joy, and happiness. Happy 2nd birthday, baby!

Today brings me immense joy as I wish a very happy 2nd birthday to my little prince.

Happy 2nd birthday to the big birthday boy! It’s important that we savour these magical moments of you being a kid as you’re growing up far too quickly, my dear!

No matter if you turn two or fifty-two, you will always be the star of my eyes and apple of your day’s eye. Happy 2nd birthday my little love!

Happiest birthday to the cutest 2 year old baby girl. Your little smile blossoms

innumerable flowers of happiness in my heart. Stay blessed my mushy 2 year old little angel!

On your 2nd birthday, I genuinely wish that your turn out to be a kind-hearted, humble, and generous kid. May all your dreams come true in no time. Happy 2nd birthday my little princess.


Birthday Wishes For Niece Turning 2

Happiest 2nd birthday to my adorable child. I can never forget your first step, your chirming face, and your cute smile. Thanks a million for giving us a great amount of happiness.

You are the reason my life is as amazing as it is prince, and I thank God for giving me such a beautiful baby in my life. Happy 2nd birthday, little boy!

Sending you sweet wishes
On your 2nd birthday, princess.

Happy birthday to the best kid my friend could ever ask for. Thanks for always reminding me to smile. 🕺🌳💐

Happy birthday to my amazing friend’s daughter who helps me laugh and smile every day. You are truly loved.

Wishing my friend’s son a very happy 2nd birthday 🎂! Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Happy Birthday, kiddo! Your parents couldn’t be more proud 😎.

Happy 2nd birthday to my friend’s kid. I’m looking forward to many more birthdays with you.

Dear little one, you are growing up very fast. How time flies so fast. It seems like you just came into my life yesterday. Your cute and giggles smile just blow me away. Have a great 2nd birthday!

Have a blessed happy 2nd birthday to the little one! Just know that the people around you love you so much in everything cute things. May God bless you with a cute smile and good health.

Happy Birthday to my sweet nephew !!! So much has happened now you are 2 !!

It wasn’t easy, but I made it 2! #howdybebop #cousins #nephew #fortheloveofboy

Turning 2. 🎂 #cousincuz1LifetimeOf2

Happy birthday, darlin’ nephew. We’re so glad you’re a part of our family. Have a restful sleep to grow big and strong for your next adventurous year!

Hugs 💗 Happy 2nd birthday, little man! #nephew #happybday #2years

Today marks my nephew’s second birthday! It really does go by faster than you’d think. I still remember every detail of the day he was born…

Happy 2nd birthday, Ben!!! We love you so much!

🎂 Happy 2nd birthday, Austin Lee! I hope this year is filled with many more hikes, marathons, and bike rides! You keep growing up so fast!

Wow! You’re two! And look at you. See how far you’ve come?

Terrible twos? I guess whoever said that hasn’t met you.

Happy 2nd birthday to a beautiful kid – may your lovely spirit last for many more birthdays 🥳🎂

I am celebrating my best buddy’s son’s birthday🎂 Have a wonderful year ahead munchkin. 😘😍

What’s so terrible about turning two? You get to be curious and explore.

Enjoy your birthday toddling around and welcome to the terrible twos!

Happy birthday to the most lovable, sweet, smart & handsome 2-year old! Happy Birthday to my nephew!

Happy 2nd birthday to my little man. You are such a curious, joyful dude and we adore every minute of your entire day. We love you so much! 😘

My dog is 2 years old today 🎂 #akita ##

Here’s to you, my puppy. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear, Happy birthday to yooooooooouuuu!


Happy 2nd Birthday Girl

So many kisses! Happy birthday, sweetie. I love you. #dog #doggo #dogsofinstagram #ipup

Happy #Dogiversary to my best friend! Yesterday was 2 years since you joined our family. I couldn’t be more in love with you, Buddy ☺️

Happy birthday to all these beautiful pups 🐾 🎂

This is my dog and she’s been on Instagram for 2 years and she has 73 followers. Does that make her a celebrity? #celebritydog

As you turn two, I’m reminded that I always wanted to give you the world. You truly deserve it. But…the world is an even bigger place because of you. #2ndBirthday

When you turn two, it’s cake time! Celebrate this milestone with our 2nd birthday cake donuts 🍰 #starbuakcake

Celebrating the 2nd bday of our Little Man 💙 #MyRomeo #bluecrownbaby

2️⃣ Well wishes and hugs for a sweet baby celebrating his 2️⃣nd birthday #🎂

Happy Birthday, dear granddaughter! We love you more than all the stars and the sun in the sky.💙

How sweet it is! I’m celebrating the second birthday of my cutie pie, my darling grandchild. Happy birthday, dear.

Happy Birthday, darling! I love you to the moon and back—and I’m looking forward to watching you grow for many more years. 😉 💛

You, my sweet son, have taught me what unconditional love really means. You have shown me the true meaning of happiness. I love you so much, my darling little angel! Happy 2nd Birthday!

Happy birthday to my handsome baby boy. Today you’re 2 years old. I can’t believe it, you were so tiny when you first came to us and now you’re in big-boy clothes and two whole years…

Look at this little baby who now can eat solid food 🍴 ✅

Welcoming our sweet boy to the world just a year ago today. We love you, Ollie! #HappyBirthdayOllie

Feeling so much joy from watching my son’s personality unfold each day 👶😘

“A father’s love warms the heart of his children forever.” –Proverbs” Happy Birthday, Baby Desmond!

Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet little man. You gave me a tear in my eye as I sang

‘Happy Birthday’ to you at the top of my lungs. I promise I’ll get better at the raspy voice

Happy Birthday, grandson! I love you to the moon and back!

So far away, but so close to my heart. I love you, grandson. Happy 2nd Birthday darling ❤️.

Life is beautiful. Celebrating the birthday of my favorite grandson. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

OH, SHIP! TWO years old today!!! 💕

Happy birthday to the best two-year-old in the world!

Celebrating my beautiful granddaughter’s second birthday! Love you dearest.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Henry! Here’s too many more. 🎂🎈


2nd Birthday Wishes For Grandson 2 Years Old

Happy 2nd birthday to this little dude. You’ve brought so much joy into our lives. We love you, buddy ❤️ #Happy2ndYear #BjornIssa #Mom #Dad

They Grow Up So Fast. It’s Your Birthday. Happy Birthday. I Love You Son, Mom, and Dad

Today you turn two! I’ve watched you grow from a baby to a toddler, to an inquisitive boy. Every day I am amazed by your imagination and intelligence. You bring so much joy to this world and to my life

Happy Birthday to my most favorite little person in the whole wide world. 2 years old and wiser than ever before.

Happy 2nd birthday. I can’t believe you are already two! Time flies when you’re having fun—and when you’re two, you’re just doing what comes naturally.

2 years? Time sure flies when you’re having fun! Happy 2nd birthday to my little one. #toddlerlife

Happy 2nd birthday! Things to do with you today: Drink champagne. Eat cake.

Remember your age on the count of three.

Happy 2nd Birthday to my little sweetheart, you make life sweeter every day! 💚

🎂HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to my favorite little Libra. our worlds revolve around you.


Happy 2nd birthday to this little lady. She’s got such a big personality, it’s hard to believe she’ll be three this year. Even though I can’t believe how fast the last two years have flown by, I’m excited for so

🍰💕Happy 2nd Birthday, Maisy! Wishing you, in your words, “lots of surprises and lots of yummy cakes.” I love you so much. Every day with you is

Happy 2nd birthday to our little pumpkin… you’ve made these past two years of motherhood ✖️ so great. 💙

Happy baby girl’s second birthday! You have changed our lives in the most magical of ways. 💕

Happy birthday to our baby girl,” wrote Markle’s husband in an Instagram post. “You are fearless, adventurous, and kind. You dance through life with grace and charm. We love you more than words can say

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you…hope it’s a day filled with all your favorite things 🎂 So much love and happiness just for YOU!

2 years old is the perfect time to get swept away in storybooks ✨. Have a good one, Bay…

My heart is so full! ❤️ Thank you, everyone, for celebrating with us as we turn 2. We hope you all have a wonderful day! #myfamily #happybirthday #bearstagram #partyontheporch

Sending out big fat birthday wishes to our favorite customer.

Let’s start this year with a smile, let’s begin this day with happy cheers. Happy 2nd birthday

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people in the world! I love you, and happy 2nd birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday! You are the best thing that has ever happened to us in 2 years.

Happy 2nd Birthday to our little one! We’ve loved celebrating with you all week so let’s keep the party going. 😊


Short 2nd Birthday Wishes

Loving my second birthday 🎁. This cake is the best 2-year-old cake ever…maybe the best cake ever, actually 👍

Happy 2nd birthday, sweet boy. May your world be everything you wish for. Big kisses. -Mommy and Daddy

Growing up means growing apart, but that doesn’t mean we’ll ever stop growing together. Happy 2nd Birthday, big guy! I hope this year is just as memorable as the last!

Oh my gosh, you’re getting so old. Just kidding! Happy 2nd birthday, my love.

Happy 2nd birthday! I can’t believe it has already been a year since you were 1.

Happy 2nd birthday to the most kindhearted, thoughtful, hilarious person we know 🥰

Happy 2nd birthday, you sweet little one. The future is yours…

Let’s get you to your real double digits! Happy 2nd birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful boy. You’re the joy in my world.

2 years old and still thinking that he’s the boss of me! We had a great weekend celebrating your 2nd birthday!!

We may not have been at your first birthday two years ago, but you can bet that we’ll be there for everything else that comes after. Happy Birthday, sweet boy. We love you so much.

’m so lucky to have you as my brother, the little rascal I can’t get enough of. Happy 2nd birthday!

Happy 2nd birthday, son. Everything about you is so adorable!

See you on your 21st birthday, happy 2nd birthday!

Happy 2nd birthday, dear little one! You are a joy to us.

Happy 2nd Birthday to my little man, who is growing up a little more every day.

Another year of you has gone by, which means I have had another year of being in love with you. Happy 2nd Birthday my son!

My brother only proves that my parents continue to have good taste! Happy 2nd birthday!

Celebrating #2 with a little dancing. #2years #wearesoblessed #moxiemommy

Wow! Can’t believe he’s already two! 🎉🎊🍰>

Turning TWO tomorrow, our little prince!!! What an adventure this last year has been.

With a mix of tears and laughter, we have loved getting to know you better every day.

You are a pure joy to our family. We love you!!

We kicked off August with the 2nd birthday and we can’t help but ❤️ our community.

You’ve grown wild.

My face when… my little girl is blowing out her candles on her cake for her second birthday and she won’t make a wish 🎂☺️ #yourewelcome

Thank you for being such a joy to watch grow these last 2 years—we are so proud of how you have developed and grown. We hope to continue watching your creativity, positivity, and all-around awesomeness this year.

Coffee is my best friend because everything is better when you share it together☕️

birthday breakfast #happybirthday

Cheers to 4 years of adventures with my best friends chasing happiness and creating memories. 💘 #BestFriendsForever

Cheers to 2 years of reminding me to feed my face!

Your smile. Your hug. Your laugh. You make my heart feel full and I have a little bit of you in me. Happy 2nd birthday sweet boy 😘♥️


2nd Birthday Wishes For Baby

Happy 2nd birthday to my favorite selfie partner!

I love being a mom (almost) as much as I love you. Happy 2nd birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my little man. You bring so much joy into my life and I miss you so much when you’re not here. I love you!

Happy 2nd birthday to our sweet little boy! We can’t believe you were two years old.

Happy Birthday, son! Now let’s get you home before bedtime.

I’m so proud of your progress as you grow. I hope that you have a spectacular day today. Happy 2nd birthday!

You are my sunshine, you make me happy when we’re together. Happy 2nd Birthday, sweetheart!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my dearest sister! You are just like a balloon, so lovely, pretty, and colorful.

Happy 2nd birthday little sister. 😂

Happy 2nd birthday, My beautiful baby sister. I love you so much for your cuteness and innocence

I always wanted to have a sister. So I was happy when one showed up! Happy 2nd Birthday, Sis.

Happy 2nd Birthday!. You’re still the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. The best is yet to come!

Happy second Birthday to the most creative, handsome, and funny kid in the world.

Happy 2nd birthday to my little angel! You have no idea how much joy you brought and continue to bring into our lives. We love you to the moon and back

Happy 2nd Birthday to Instagram’s most celebrated little unicorn 🌈 #partylikeaprinces

Close to the fire with a cozy blanket, a good book, and some warm cocoa. What a sweet way to celebrate! #2yearswithherscouk

You’re a star 2nd and batman. Happy Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday to you. Two can be terrific, too!

The first step to getting what you want in life is realizing you deserve it. Happy 2nd birthday!

I wouldn’t say that my second birthday was a waste, but it’s ruff. Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today is your second birthday. Happy 2nd Birthday to my little sunshine!

Happy 2nd birthday! You’re 2 today, but we still can’t get you to always use the potty.

The baby is now a toddler, and the toddler acts like a teenager. Farewell to diapers, hello to toys! Happy 2nd birthday!

It’s your birthday, it’s my birthday. Happy 2nd birthday to you 🎈🎉🎊🍰

It’s your birthday. Calm down. Have a chocolate cake and dance for yourself to celebrate. 🎂🎈