26+ Powerful Mortal Combat Captions (Copy Paste)

Best Mortal Combat Captions for Instagram and Powerful Mortal Combat Instagram Captions For Girls and Boys (Copy-Paste).

Mortal Combat Captions

‘I only trust one person, Jax, and you’re talking to her.’

‘If you so much as touch her, Kano, you’re going to need a seeing eye dog.’

‘When I want backup, I’ll radio for it.’

‘Where the hell are we?’

‘Flawless victory!’

‘Your soul is mine!’

‘Use the element which brings life.’

“You’re Like An Aggressive Little Bunny. Soft, And Useless.”

Sonya Blade: A handful of people on a leaky boat are gonna save the world.


Princess Kitana: To win your next match, use the element which brings life.

Shang Tsung: Let Mortal Kombat begin.


“Damn, Your Breath Stinks!”

“I don’t give a damn about my reputation.”

— Sonya Blade, doing a spot of Actor Allusion in a mirror match intro

Sonya Blade: Jacqui said as kids you were scared of me.


Mortal Combat Inspirational Captions

“You Hoped I Would Burn In The Fires Of Hell, But Instead I Learned To Control Them!”

“No Matter How Many Of My People You Put In The Ground, There Will Always Be Another To Take Their Place.”

“Of all my champions, I miss Goro most. You’re lucky he’s dead. He would’ve eaten you for daring enter his lair uninvited.”

— Shang Tsung, expressing his true feelings towards Goro

“Behold the final resting place of Kenshi Takehashi. Valiant and brave, he was an excellent warrior. Which made feeding on his soul most enjoyable…”

— Shang Tsung, revealing the fate of one of his sworn enemies

Cassie Cage: You’d randomly attack us with arm bars!

— Cassie Cage joining in on the above Actor Allusionnote


“Any ring I step into is mine!”

— Another of Sonya’s Actor Allusions in her intro against John Rambo or Shao Kahn

“I had been expecting you. Your life, your name, they will be wipe from history. Come, it is time… to die.”

— Kronika, Final Boss of the Klassic Tower

“Do Not Forget This Face.”

“Thank yourself, for undoing the problem that you created.”

“I hold out hope that we can turn this crisis to our advantage.”


“- Rayden: Kahn, you hide behind a human?

– Shao-Kahn: Why not, Lord Rayden? You’ve hidden behind them your entire pathetic life!”


Noob Saibot : You are a sinful monk.

Kung Lao : I’m no Liu Kang, but I’m hardly sinful.

Noob Saibot : Death will purge your pride.

Kano: Give it up, baby! I studied all your moves!

Sonya Blade: Yeah? Study this!


“- Liu Kang: Rayden, you cannot die.

– Rayden: I am proud to die… a mortal.”


Scorpion: Sub Zero HAD no honor!

Shang Tsung: You should die soon.


Bi-Han: “Will not, or cannot?”


Mortal Combat Captions Kitana

Shao Kahn: “Pray to the worms”

Liu Kang: “You have gone mad, Raiden.”

Ermac: “You have disturbed our regeneration process!” *cue brutally awesome scene*

“- Kitana: Liu is our only hope.

– Liu Kang: I want to fight Khan, but I don’t know if I’m ready.

– Kitana: You must believe in yourself Liu. We believe in you.”

Sonya Blade: You’re making this sound simple and it isn’t.

Johnny Cage: Yeah, it is.

Sonya Blade: ‘Cause I can’t let what happened to Art happen to you.

Johnny Cage: Not to you.

Sonya Blade: Oh, don’t you dare do this to protect me, Johnny Cage.

“- Jax: If your Father’s an Elder God, what does that make Kahn?

– Rayden: Kahn is my brother.”

Johnny Cage: Trust me. I have a plan.

Sonya Blade: I don’t believe this! You are the most egotistical… self-deluded person I have ever met.

Johnny Cage: You forgot “good-looking”.

“I didn’t realize your master was in the habit of rewarding failure.”

“I was wrong to doubt you. I too have been a slave to anger.”

Liu Kang : [Aftermath Story DLC – Liu Kang’s ending]

[Fire God Liu Kang appears before The Great Kung Lao, surprising him]

Liu Kang : Kung Lao.

Sub-zero: Not if I break you first

Scorpion: No. To Hell with you!

Raiden: Close as a shadow and twice as silent

Kung Lao : Where did you- Who? Who are you?

Noob: Cooties, blah! (And that’s why he hates women)


Mortal Combat 11 Captions

Johnny Cage: HOOOOOOOOO! (His attempts to summon the Thunder Cats for backup.)

Liu Kang : I am Lord Liu Kang, God of Thunder and Fire.

“- Elder God of Wind: By living amongst the humans, do you really care for them?

– Rayden: More than I can remember.

– Elder God #2: Do you love them so much to sacrifice your immortality?”

Kung Lao : God of…

[Suddenly bows in respect; Liu Kang returns the bow]

We need to find every last champion before it’s too late.

Careful, he bites.

Lucky for you, I don’t have any standards.

Years of research just destroyed.

Everyone’s got a price, name yours.

Relax and reclaim the weekend. 👌

It’s Friday, alright. How do you plan on celebrating?


No skin off my sack.

You’re one of the champions.

Grab your friends and squad up. Summer is calling. 📱

Football season is ⚽⚽⚽⚽…and pie season is 🍰🍰🍰🍰. Who will win?

Gather your friends, gather your family and gather some pizza 🍕 🎊

Don’t lose touch! We’ll miss you over the summer 🌞☀

There it is, what you’ve been searching for.


Mortal Combat Captions Scorpio

How about you two get on your knees and take turns sucking my sac.

A laser beam, better than fireballs

Your a decendant of one of the greats ninjas to ever walk this earth.

That screach is a real turn on.

There’s just something about fall. The crisp air. The changing leaves. The games, the games we play! 🎃🍁

You got a big mouth for someone standing on the other side of the electric fence, tough guy.

You use to be someone to fear.

You didn’t think you would actually change me, did ya?

This is not the blood of the chosen one. Your death has no worth.

You deserve a more rewarding mobile experience.

He who wields the Doomhammer, wields doom. ❤️ 😎

Feeling under the weather? You’ve got this. 💪 We’ve got your back, babe.

So nice, we did it twice. ☀️

that’s all folks 🐻 🎈

It’s Friday. Let’s get it.

Come and get them! 🍏🍎

Glad we’re on the same page 📖

Hail to the king 👑 #MK11

Your beneath me.

There aren’t many of us with a marking left, so you must train harder and faster.

There is nothing for you here. Only death.

Take whatever trophies you desire, but the souls are mine.

I have come for your souls.


Mortal Combat Kano Captions

If we are to die, it was suppose to be together.

There is no danger, there is only opportunity.

Martial arts captions for instagram

About to start this weekend with abang. #MKto the fullest.

Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in. 😝

Smile because it is summer and you don’t have to wear pants

You can’t have all the fun without a little risk.

With the cooler temps, we’re turning up the heat in our kitchen. 🥂🍁

You’re welcome.

We’re going to need a bigger pumpkin. 🎃

Brr! It’s cool in here!

Happy Halloween from our mortal enemies! ☠️👉🏽

Think you’re having a bad day? At least you didn’t have to fight Mortal Kombat’s finest for the title of champion. 😓

Fall is a great season for chilling, good times, and some serious gaming.

Nothing like a little ☕️ to keep you warm on those chilly days.

It’s not over, we still need to fight.

Please tell me I got the teeth.

We save Sub Zero for last and take him out together, as a team.

Now you will die with your family.

I am Scorpion now.

You hoped I would burn in the fires of hell but instead I learned to control them.

Hey friends, It’s Monday. That means it’s time for your weekly dose of #mortalkombat action from…

Hey you. Can you believe it’s fall? You are going to have the best time of your life.

Pick your favorite season, and we’ll reward you with a punch of flavor. #pickyourflavor #koalapunch


Mortal Combat Characters Captions

Seriously, let’s go for it. I’ll watch you back.

How’s your week going?☀️

You have freed me. Take care of my bloodline.

You think these tricks will protect you forever? Only a matter of time.

Grab a coffee and salute the fall season with us.

Happy International Women’s Day, ladies. 💪💘👩🎨 #raisinggirls ✊

Hope you’re having an extra-super Sunday. 😊

The weekend is finally here…#throwbackthursay

It’s officially fall, which means one thing: sweater season is (finally) here. 🎃

One day he will be a hero to many. Today, he’s just a toad 😜.

Nothing says “fall” like a warm pumpkin spice latte—and jack-o’-lanterns too!

You are so sweet to me. I want to be with you forever, my treasure.

It’s so good to be back. 😀

Respect your elders. 🤣😜❤️

Get your daily dose of Vitamin Sea with our fruit-flavored water! 😎🥤

Got to appreciate the little things, like a friendly game of Mortal Kombat ⚔ 🤓

Hand-crafted by the men and women that served our country. Thank you for your service.

All you need is one beer to change everything.🍻

Mortals-Be kinder to mortals. Yours may be the only immortality they’ll get. 😘

We have no time to lose, you must unlock your akana.

Kung Lao : Forgive my disrespect, my Lord.

– Shao-Kahn: Rayden, is of no concern to us.

– Shinnok: You let him live!”

Liu Kang : Enough, Kung Lao. You are humble. Not like the Kung Lao I knew.

“- Jax: Are we really ready to die here?

– Liu Kang: If we die, we will die in battle. Together.”

Kung Lao : The Kung Lao you knew?

Liu Kang : A story for another time. I have chosen you as my champion,

Kung Lao. We have work to do. You must be prepared. Trained.

Kung Lao : Trained? For what?





Mortal Combat Fatality

This day has been a long time coming to the end of your bloodline.

Do not forget this face.

I can always rely on Kole Young, human punching bag.

The prophecy is upon us, which means we can lose the 10th tournament.

There will be no tournament because there will not be opposition left to fight. We will be victorious.

I am Sub Zero.

He’s got the mark, I saw it.

It’s not a birthmark, Kole. it means you have been chosen.

As long as you got that marking, they are coming for you.

We didn’t win nine straight tournaments by following the rules.

“- Elder God #2: The fate of the universe will be decided as it should be…

– Elder God #1: In Mortal Kombat!”

“Is it possible that the past and future are colliding?”
— Raiden