Beyond the 3D visual spectacle that Avatar is, something we trust James Cameron to deliver.

Avatar: The Way Of Water is a stunning spectacle that is mounted by a passionate filmmaker who knows exactly how to mould action and emotion together for an enjoyable time at the movies. Don't miss it.

Watched #AvatarTheWayOfWater last night and Oh boy!!MAGNIFICENT is the word. Am still spellbound. Want to bow down before your genius craft, @JimCameron. Live on!  - AKSHAY KUMAR

This is something to be experienced on the big screen — the bigger the better and very likely more than once.

In Avatar: The Way of Water, Pandora pops into life. And it’s very easy to get distracted because it is truly immersive. There were times I caught myself just staring at those aforementioned Pandora fish.

For most fantasy-based films, all this would be more than enough to keep anyone involved and satisfied, but the infinite care with which every element, especially the visual, has been attended to is utterly clear and mightily impressive.

Watching "Avatar: The Way of Water," I was reminded of how impersonal the Hollywood machine has become over the last few decades and how often the blockbusters that truly make an impact on the form have displayed the personal touch of their creator.