I was worried it wouldn’t be able to compete with the other versions of the addams family but WOW! this was amazing!

I just finished it, and it is really, REALLY good, undoubtedly the best new Series on Netflix. Lots of expectations when Tim Burton put his Name on this Series, but kudos to him and his Creative Team for delivering the Goods big time.

As a life long fan devotee of Charles Addam's creepy and kooky family, I will be very judgmental of every adaptation that comes our way, and I have to say this mysterious and spooky series is amazing.

Wednesday might be one of the greatest shows I have ever watched. It is incredibly amazing. The cast was chosen so well, the music, storyline and aesthetic was perfect. We got to see a side of wednesday we never got to see in the movies, and a story where she is grown, going to a high school.

Wow the best version of the Adams family yet.

I love this show. As a huge fan of the originals I was scared this was going to be just another terrible spin-off and not do justice to the movies especially the 1991 version. Let me just say though this did it justice.

Overall excellent, except for the relatively few scenes involving Wednesday's extended family, particularly Gomez, who just seems miscast.

While I'm surprised it was labeled a "Comedy Horror". I think Dark Comedy or Adventure would have possibly been more suitable.